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Hello Mary’s Debut Album is Here to Make You Feel Like It’s the ’90s Again

Hello Mary’s Self-Titled Debut Album is out now via Frenchkiss Records, and it’s a blast from the past that’s perfectly suited to today’s indie-rock scene. The trio’s music is a back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll with an infusion of ’90s shoegaze, grunge, and indie rock that’s uniquely their own. Hello Mary is comprised of Helena Straight on guitar and vocals, Mikaela Oppenheimer on bass, and Stella Wave on drums and vocals. They’ve already released a handful of critically acclaimed singles, all of which feature their trademark harmonies and unique sound.

Tomorrow night, the band will be playing at New York City’s Baby’s All Right for their “You Missed It: March” show alongside Momma and Taxidermists with DJ sets from Julia Cumming, Harry Teardrop, and Chanel Beads. The show will undoubtedly be a night of pure energy and excitement. Additionally, the band will be hitting the road on March 23, starting in Hamden, CT, and ending in Providence, RI, on April 6. They’ll be playing a record-release party at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere Zone One on March 24, which is already sold out.

NPR highlighted Hello Mary’s album in their “New Music Friday” coverage, and both Brooklyn Vegan and WXPN’s “Press Play” dubbed it a notable release for the week. Alternative Press called the band “an instant contender for 2023’s most bracing entrance to the stage, sharp and self-assured,” while TIDAL named them as “Rising Artists of 2023.”

According to MTV, “Spiral” is a new eerie psychedelic single, while NYS Music describes “Special Treat” as “grimy, it’s melodic, and it is bloody awesome.” The Joy Of Violent Movement added that “Spiral” is “a decidedly 120 Minutes-era MTV-like anthem centered around swirling guitar textures, Oppenheimer’s and Straight’s gorgeous and ethereal harmonies paired with Oppenheimer’s driving bassline and a steady backbeat.”

Hello Mary’s music is low-key catchy even when they are going for a heavy, visceral sound. It’s raw garage rock with breezy pop undertones, and it’s hard not to dance and sing along. Their debut album is all about accepting the state of things as they are at a given moment, whether it’s your relationship with someone or the world around you. Hello Mary writes music and lyrics in tandem, tying their perspectives together into a singular consciousness.

If you’re looking for a new band to love, Hello Mary is definitely worth a listen. They’re taking the indie-rock scene by storm, and their debut album is only the beginning. Don’t miss out on the chance to see them live tomorrow night at Baby’s All Right or on their upcoming tour. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

the dandy warhols – are you killing me


four years since their last release and 22 years old, portlandia’s the dandy warhols are back with a brand new retro alternative pop rock track released by dine alone records. catch them in buenos aires tonight