leaving tomorrow by a place to bury strangers [music video]

The first thing that strikes me when watching A Place To Burn Stranger’s music video for “Leaving Tomorrow” – apart from the heavy bass of the lead singer’s vocals and the repetitive droning riffs that kick off the track, is the renegade, grassroots quality of the film. The costumes, camerawork and acting is basic, and a little bit amateur, but I think that’s why I like it so much. Filmed on an iPhone, it rocks the “dare you to do better at home” look, and hopefully many fans are going to respond with “challenge accepted.”

It harkens back to the simplicity of the music, reminiscent of the folk rock genre which is gathering momentum thanks to the bigger names of Mumford and Sons and Noah and the Whale, and I for one really like it. As the video and song plays, my foot taps along almost of it’s own accord and I enjoy following the camera wobbles as it changes from scene to scene. The song is based on the Japanese short horror story Katshu Gee- though if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure what the plot entails. Nor can I see the link between the song and the video, but that might be because the low voice makes it difficult to distinguish the lyrics themselves. Despite this, it’s still likeable and intriguing.

– Joanne Ball

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