1. Furkan

    The lowest frame rate the ceamra is capable of is one shot every 30 seconds. I wish it was lower. I then used Quicktime to speed it up when I compiled the stills .I can’t remember if it was 10 or 6 frames per second in the end. In my SXSW wrap up video, I actually used the iMovie speedup control to make the sun set even faster.

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    Motownmutt – Good point about the note pads. I saved the one from the big bag to take notes on.Chris – first, it was a pleasure meeting you at SXSW. Second, in the spirit of full disclosure, Wiley did have an ad in the conference program. I’m never sure how those are going to play out – they range from right on message and well seen to a total waste of time. This time, I felt like we scored. The ad, managed by our rock star marketer Kelly Trent, looked awesome. And, it was in the program, which if I lost it would have had to fork over $40 to get a new one, so you know it’s worth something. I’d definitely rather be in there, the MAG if you will, than the BAG at this show. That’s not to say that we have not done bag stuffers before. Sometimes, they’ve been a big hit, like at BlogHer last year where we did notebooks with blogging tips promoting our books in the front. I think that was a valuable thing for attendees. But after seeing THE BIG BAG, I think we all have to work harder to make sure what we are doing is right, for our message, the sponsor and the person getting the item.SXSW is evolving, thanks to the attendees, so this hopefully will too.Oh, and MR IT? The bags (I got the music and Interactive ones) came home, but the contents stayed in Austin.

  3. Josafat

    Yeah, I was surprised how hard it was to get iispnred or to find the time on some days .could have made it easier on myself if I set a number of photos goal rather than a daily goal but in the end I’m glad I did it that way.

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    Jan21Ciara No you’re right. Definately not as funny as last week. Marnie and Hannah kinda bored me, same ol shit. Shosanna and Ray talking about the pigs was the funniest part. And it was nice to see Jessa again. But that’s it, meh. Hoping for better things next time.

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