self-titled ep by eddi front

Eddi Front‘s self-titled EP, released on Best Fit Recordings, opens with “Gigantic”. An intricate piano lulls you into Eddi’s world of heartbreak and the sheer beauty stops you in your tracks. Evoking goosebumps with her hazy voice the moment she sings the first line, “I’ll crawl out of this hole soon enough,” showcases the raw talent present in the young singer and highlights the personal level of the lyrics which takes you on a journey through the four track EP where the delicate notes of the piano create a haunting atmosphere. The EP is dripping with despair and sadness but partnered with her unapologetically honest and sometimes brutal lyrics, “while you’re fucking some old dusty chair, I’ll be eating bananas and riding a big, black stallion,” you don’t feel sorry for her at all.

Elise Hayward

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