self titled by cut corners

“Smells like golden Virginia!” Screams out Cut Corner’s singer, the ever growing Indie rock band. Singer Alex Walker along with the other members join together to make a unique flurry of addictive songs to not only envelop the audience but also reflect their own lives.

From ‘Euphoria’; a haunting song about the hard feat of being happy and to ‘Real’, a much more upbeat song about just having a good time, these boys have it all. Parties, sex, drugs and love; this band is far more than meets the eye and not just skin deep. The audience is grasped by both the beautifully tragic and fun lyrics to the sounds that radiate from their bodies like the irresistible talons of a joint at a festival.

You might have seen them around, especially people living in the South of England from their previous venues of Blissfields, The Brook and the Railway in Winchester, home of these four budding musicians. However, don’t worry as if you live near Bristol you’ll be pleased to know these boys now study at Bristol University to most certainly get laid, drunk and send shivers of adrenaline down the spine of future fans.

If you want them in your bedroom however I suggest throwing on a nice dress or simply looking them up on Facebook or clicking onto their Bandcamp; There you will find a selection of their hits from their recent album and get that same indescribable feeling of excitement and lust without smooth talking your way into their underwear.

Check them out, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Within no time you to will be begging for escape from the smooth caramel vocals and entrapment from the smooth waves of synth and guitar riffs.
Cut Corners, just a good band having a bloody good time.

-Emily Priest

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