cement shoes by sleepyface

‘We could have been lovers.” Could they? Could you? This song in itself is a story; a relatable tragic one. Boy meets girl, boy likes girl then life happens. All the dreams he has of holding her hand, kissing her and being one with her are shattered leaving absence and pain which leads to anger. I’m sure everyone has been there at some point; when you grow to really like someone or even love them and end up playing the fool. It was only you all along.

Listening to ‘Cement Shoes’ is a unique thing, a soothing feeling that tugs at something deep down. Like a nostalgic memory there is a glimmer of sadness within, surfaced by this tranquilizing ballad. It’s just a glimmer yet enough, enough to take you away. You get lost in the waves of vocals, the faint whisper of a tambourine drags you under and you find yourself at the hands of the singer’s emotions. Floating, weightless.

With this beautifully poetic and heartfelt song it’s as if you can sleep forever. Peacefully dream and leave reality behind. Its inspiring, haunting, ceases to leave you and tears away your defenses; becoming a vulnerable fragile being reduced to a quivering exclaim. Look them up, listen and let go, be embraced by the muffled words of a victim of reality.

Sleepyface, Cement Shoes, take me away…

-Emily Priest

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