mumble mumble mumble – experimental bass+drums duo

“Video for the song “P2” by MUMBLE MUMBLE MUMBLE.

the ep is an 8-track record. poli played bass and leo played drums.
some friends helped during the two recording sessions (pape and gah) which took place in october 2009 and february 2010.

the ep is also available on 50 handmade CDs with booklet and slipcase; we got 12 left – they’re free.

we definitely wanted to do something low-cost, lo-fi, and most of all something by ourselves. in the past years we’ve made records in different studios with other previous bands but we noticed a lack of “feeling” in the songs. a lack of “feeling at ease” in a studio by entering in a studio you feel the pressure of the money you’re spending and you want to do it as fast as you can. we didn’t want that for mumble mumble mumble. mumble mumble mumble had (and has) to be something direct, real, live. so we borrowed a Zoom recorder (a great microphone and recorder) and placed it in our rehearsing room, pressed “rec” and started to play. after we had those huge WAV files we asked tino paratore if he could mix and master the tracks.

the first half of the EP is made of the tracks P1, P2, P3, P4 – which are the main songs where this project started. the title “P1” means that it’s the first song we wrote, “P2″ was the second, and so on… A1 is an ambient improvised track, A2 is another ambient improvised track with gah on vocals. T1 is an improvised groove, we liked it and put it on the EP.”

Get lost on their awesome website:

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