01 you are a (scientific) loner

01 you are a (scientific) loner by Compulsive Recordings

“In 1977 a golden record was produced as a documentation of our earth and it’s inhabitants. This included photos, diagrams, music, sounds and greetings. It was attached to the voyager and sent on a mission in to deep space. This record is the farthest man-made object from our earth. It has now left our solar system.

LONER is an auditory interpretation of the golden disc. Inspired by writings and sound concepts by John Cage this is a fuzzy soundscape, restricted in frequency, using only sounds found on the original golden disc. Samples were taken from the golden disc and each track was created in one live take. No looking back.

Thunderous crescendos, hypnotic loops and snippets of human song speeding through space in eerie silence.

DOWNLOAD ALBUM FROM http://compulse.tumblr.com/

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