bandcamp album of the day: i clung to you hoping we’d both drown by flatsound

“i clung to you hoping we’d both drown is a concept album of sorts. it’s about cats and not feeling well and my mother. it’s a portion of my life. it’s saying i’m sorry and i miss you, and being too afraid to directly say i hate you. it’s whatever you want it to be.”

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  1. Megan

    Something can be said for Mitch Welling and projects he puts dedication and commitment into, be it a flatsound album, single, or just gourmet vegan cooking. In terms of what can be done on one’s own in the music industry, this album and the whole conceptualizations emanating from flatsound are groundbreaking. It sets a standard for young people who are unsatisfied with what is considered listenable music to others. For an album so avant-garde in their genre and tags (indie bedroom lo-fi drone, etc.) it is surprisingly simple and about things this generation can relate to in the way of emotional context and lyrical empathy.

  2. Noah

    Before this album I had little to no game with the female gender, now I have to beat them away with a stick! I had no hobbies or even skills, now I run faster, jump higher, and somehow get away with domestic abuse. Somebody stop me. I’m a monster 🙁

  3. Thor Brinsfield

    this album is amazing. it’s an intimate experience listening to it. you step into the mind and soul of young mitchell welling, and yet you feel a sense of nostalgia. like you’ve been here and have felt this way before. it made me want to call my mom and tell her i love her. it made me want to ”fall asleep until the sun explodes and everyone is forced to start over.” it made me want to grit my teeth down and start recording an actual release. Have you ever heard a flatsound fan talk about flatsound? Lurk his tumblr, you’ll see how his music is plaguing them and once you’ve heard his album, you’ll be constantly checking his page for updates about his fat cats or to see if he posted a new demo or to see his quirky interaction with his fans.

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