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Netlabel Update | 2.16.10 | New Releases

Black Square Cloudcast - This Long Winter

A single-track experimental/ambient music collection marking netlabel Black Square’s first release. Free download.

Black Square Cloudcast – This Long Winter track list:
00:00 Cousin Silas – Empty Airport
03:26 Spit It Out – Debris
07:40 Susan Matthews – Moon Tremors
09:55 Shammen Delly – The Rising Black Sun
13:30 Roto Visage – Epiphany
22:30 Ada Jones – By the Light of the Silvery Moon
24:18 Clutter – I Still Remember
37:10 Les Dix-Huit Secondes – Can I Touch It?
44:01 Vanessa Rossetto – The Girlhood of Baba Yaga
52:01 FrideriK – Qi (simple improvisation for two guitars)
56:42 Woodworkings – We Failed To Feel the Warmth

This Co. - As You Know

Chilean band This Co. originally released their Post-Punk/New Wave debut in 2008. Picked up by Clinical Archives earlier this month, the album has already chalked up nearly 12,000 downloads. Click here for your own copy.

This Co. – This Co. track list:
1. Take it away
2. As you know
3. Nanina
4. Drying
5. Bass
6. Figure it out
7. Came along
8. XX

Derrick Hart - Kontakt

Resting Bell’s latest release is a meditative album by American musician Derrick Hart. The tracks mainly feature his voice (though no actual lyrics). This lends well to the listenability of the experimental EP which remains melodic throughout. Download your copy here.

Derrick Hart – Fall Asleep To This track list:
1. when someone loves you no more
2. emporia
3. colors that surround you
4. kontakt
5. wilderness of the city