negotiations by the helio sequence

The Helio Sequence are back after four years with their fifth LP called Negotiations. Before making this album, the duo’s practice space/studio flooded while they were on tour. The flood wiped out some of their gear and it left them in need of a new place to record.

“Instead of a shared practice space, the duo found an enormous disused industrial space in an otherwise unoccupied building and set about sculpting the songs that make up Negotiations. Their ability to stretch out in a much larger space (one without anyone else around to come into the band’s mental landscape) is reflected in the patient tones and insular approach to almost every song here.” (

So, basically the flood was a blessing in disguise. Their new studio paved a way for them to create something that they would not have been able to achieve in their old studio. With this album they have completely captured a “dreamy pop” affect with their music. The album opens up with “One More Time” and it is a very calm and chill tune, which sets that “dreamy pop” tone for the rest of the album.

The Helio Sequence have really outdone themselves with this album. It is kind of difficult to explain this album in means of “reviewing” because it is a really special album to me. In my opinion, Negotiations is just one of those album that you just HAVE to listen to. Once you hear it the first time you’ll want to listen to it over and over again!

-Gabrielle Glover

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